Zoysia Nara™ Native Turf

Zoysia Nara™ native turf is the first and only, all-purpose, Australian native turf. As one of the leading growers and suppliers of Zoysia Nara™ turf in Australia, Native Lawns Australia would love to share with you our love for this turf.

Australian Native Turf

As the only true Australian native turf, Nara™ Native Turf (Zoysia macrantha ‘MAC03’) is obviously going to grow here better than any other grass will.
It is native! Its nativeness gives it a unique advantage over all other turf varieties available in Australia and lends itself to grow naturally in the adverse environmental conditions of Australia. Some stand out qualities of Zoysia Nara™ include its ability to naturally outcompete weeds, disease and pest resistance, limited water requirements and its overall durability.

For these reasons and more, Zoysia Nara™ native turf  is the next generation of Australian turf.

Lowest maintenance turf

Yes, you read it right, Zoysia Nara™ native turf is the lowest maintenance turf on the market, largely owing to its slow growth, low thatch and tightly wound stolons.
That translates to fewer hours of your valuable free time spent pushing a mower. Aside from being slow growing turf, the overall maintenance of Zoysia Nara™ is significantly lower than other turf varieties due to it being an Australian native turf that is superior to other introduced species.

Salt Tolerant Turf

Zoysia Nara™ native turf is the most salt tolerant turf on the market in Australia.
If you live anywhere near the coast, this is the turf for you. As a native turf well suited to growing in a coastal environment, it naturally flourishes on the coast and possesses a tolerance for both sandy soil and salty air that is second to none. In addition, because of the superior low maintenance qualities of Zoysia Nara™ native turf, it means you will be spending more time at the beach, instead of mowing and maintaining your lawn.

Drought tolerant turf

A little water goes a long way with drought-tolerant Zoysia Nara™ native turf.
This makes Zoysia Nara™ an excellent choice for regional Queensland and other areas of Australia that have lower annual rainfall. Consequently, it also means that for those with even a steady amount of rainfall, your Zoysia Nara™ native lawn won’t need watering nearly as often. This gives you more time to do what you should be doing with your lawn… making use of it and enjoying it!

Pest & Disease Resistant Turf

Just when you thought it can’t get any better, you will be happy to know that Zoysia Nara™ native turf is a pest and disease resistant turf. Field trials have shown Zoysia Nara™ to excel above other turf varieties grown in Australia in relation to this matter. Lawn diseases and lawn bugs are something that everyone with a lawn has to contend with at some point yet with Nara™ turf you have next to no critical threats. What’s more, if there are ever instances where your lawn is affected by pests or disease,
Zoysia Nara™ will have the strongest and quickest recovery.

Versatile and Durable Turf

If there is one word to describe what sets apart Zoysia Nara™ from all other turf varieties, it is versatility. It is the only turf with the distinction of having almost every single positive attribute a turf variety can possibly have, that gives it an advantage over every other type of turf. Adding to all that has already been said, it also is a high wearing and durable turf, recovers well from adversity, retains its colour in winter, requires very little fertiliser if any at all, naturally outcompetes weeds, and in field trials has shown itself to be formidable when used in soil erosion control.
Zoysia Nara™ as an all-purpose turf can be used in residential and commercial settings, housing developments, civil construction projects, revegetation projects, public parks, both on the coast and in regional areas.
Zoysia Nara™ native turf is the turf of the future, and the future is now.

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Zoysia Nara™ Native Turf Brochure

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